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About the Book


She stood on a bridge and looked across the small mountain lake to see the bluest of skies and the purple Rocky Mountains. Gratitude welled up within her, for after suffering seventeen bedridden years with an unknown illness, she found herself in the center of a miracle. Frannie Rose nearly had committed suicide but had instead chosen to surrender to a God she believed had abandoned her. Finally, in wellness, she heard a voice—small and simple at first—guiding her on a spiritual journey of which only mystics speak. The voice, God’s voice, would change her life forever. 

Through Frannie’s journey, a teacher was born, with a message from God for the world: “They speak of Me, but they do not know Me. They speak at Me but without the space within their hearts to listen.” God’s words, teachings, and gentle coaxing, shared simply and lovingly, brought Frannie back to living—not living the life she imagined and planned, but a life more wondrous than she ever could have dreamed. 

The Invitation is true to its title; it is an invitation for every reader to discover that faith is the secret to living an extraordinary life. It offers hope that amid the worst, most unimaginable struggles lies a gift. For no matter how hard life is and how desperate you become, with God, all good things are possible. He is longing for you to hear Him.


About the Author


Frannie Rose is a spiritual teacher and co-founder of the nonprofit organization One Simple Voice (OSV). Through OSV, she teaches students and offers interfaith retreats. Frannie lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, Frank, and describes her world as one filled with wonder and the true essence of life.


Customer Reviews

  • Frannie Rose has an instinct for creating fresh angles on universal challenges making it safe for us to view every side of her brilliantly presented statements. Her pace is stellar, her voice is fresh and conversational. She demonstrates great skill with using sensory details to bring The Invitation to life, culminating in an experiential read that delivers such resonant lessons and relatable signs of our struggles. Some gorgeous phrasing in here! Well done! -Writer's Digest

  • "Some books inform. Some inspire. Some entertain. But once in a while, along comes a book that reaches into the depths of one's heart and soul. The Invitation is such a book. 

    Through honest, poetic memoir and heartfelt teachings, Frannie Rose shares her remarkable journey from illness and despair to hope, purpose, and new life. Her story is that of a miracle, and yet, she inspires readers to dare to believe that such a miracle is possible for each of us as well. 

    Many books speak of believing in God, learning about God, trusting God, and praying to God, but few suggest that God responds and converses with us in a way we can hear and in a way that can guide us, comfort us, and lead us to fulfillment of our deepest wishes. The Invitation offers such gems. 

    This book has touched my heart in ways words can barely explain. I am eager to see how it will touch many other hearts, bringing more hope, love, and connection to each other in God."

    - iloveparis

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