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 Individual students and others who hear God's voice, feel comfortable with the basic teachings, and who also attend retreats regularly, can get together monthly for a "Sacred Conversation." This "conversation" is a sharing of their journal writings and words from God. The beauty of this conversation creates a knowing that God speaks to us all perhaps in different words, but His message and teachings are the same to all of us. There is great unity in a meeting such as this, and a closeness of community. Groups are forming all the time. There is no cost to this modality, but it is required that one attend community retreats on a regular basis.  Reach out to the group leaders below to learn more!

Buena Vista 

JoAnn Willburn - 719-395-6802

Valarie Austin - 719-207-1094

Colorado Springs

Joe Uveges - 719-440-5624

Parker / Castle Rock

Katie Hajde - 303-549-3799


Cathy Naffziger - 970-371-5557

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