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Hope and Gratitude

June 19, 2018

A misty, pungently fragrant morning down in the greenery, I went looking for the Friend. I looked on beaches, on rocks, in the trees and in the sky. But God had a different Friend in mind for me this day, standing on the stone wall in the church garden -His antlers, covered in velvet, his body so strong and smooth. At first my eyes were looking for my blue heron friend, and so I did not see what God put before me. Often in my life I have looked for what my mind wanted to see, and have missed God’s heartfelt gifts laid before me. Today, proud and strong, I stood with the blessed buck and named him Cheveyo. I am sure to meet up with my new Friend again in the garden on one of these misty summer days - but this time, with open eyes of hope and gratitude.



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