The Chaos of Change

March 10, 2017

Sometimes I wander through life taking every day for granted. There are some disappointments and some worries and fears, but most of the time life is what I call “status quo,” or what I used to call “under control.”


Ever so often the wind blows and blows out here in Colorado, and the trees are exercised.  They blow from the bottom to the top, or sway wildly in the wind.  I watch as they appear to dance through the wild winds to a tune only they can hear.  The wind is so strong it turns their leaves inside out but they gracefully dance with this flow.  Standing determined inside the thick of branches is the tree’s trunk connecting with its roots. Although the wind can be strong, the trunk never moves. It stands tall through the storm as its limbs enjoy the dance.


Ever so often our lives blow in like a storm.  Things go wrong and life is not as we expect.  When my basement flooded one thing led to another, leading to chaos.  Initially I felt myself resist being carried away with the winds. Then, I consciously accepted what is. I saw God within my acceptance and found a way to observe what he was teaching me through the chaos. There was my durable trunk deeply rooted in the soil, while standing in the winds.


Once I knew I had my roots and trunk secure in God, I could dance.  I let my limbs flow with the breezes just like the trees. Though stillness had been compromised, my heart was so aligned with God that I found purpose and meaning in the series of events that followed.  I was able to be with God and ride the storm.  And, I even did this with wonder.


-Frannie Rose





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