See You in Late Autumn

February 1, 2017




See you in late autumn, my friend,
when Colorado blackbirds fly in tandem
and your heart desires a break in the clouds.
When the bitter cold of winter hides behind purple mountains,
sunshine and falling leaves will pave your path.

See you when the wild autumn breeze
blows in the chill of white winter storms
and the fragrance of burning pinon and pine
fills the evening air with peace.

See you when bright pumpkins grow wildly,
held tight by the strength of the vine,
at long last picked by a loving child
imagining faces of black crayon smiles
and grins of square teeth and triangle eyes.

See you in late autumn, my friend,
when your heart feels filled with sea breezes
and your tired mind has been put to rest,
when you long for God again to speak
from jagged mountain tops and billowed clouds.

Until we pray again in late autumn, my friend,
until our souls shed the old brittle leaves,
when elm tree branches are bare as our hearts,
the power and presence of winter, our next breath,
God rising from deep within our hearts,
then we shall pray again.

Travel safely and lightly through autumn, my friends, and God will give you wings …

~ Frannie

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