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July 5, 2018

I ventured out to the greenery before the storms were to arrive. Today my mind was far from all of the beauty that surrounds me. I asked God for a gift to bring me back to my journey of wonder. And as I looked across the lake there my Friend stood Gracefully In green surroundings. My heart smiled at the thought that He brought me back to Him. And I am ever sure, that our journey is to remember always that He is part of us.

June 19, 2018

A misty, pungently fragrant morning down in the greenery, I went looking for the Friend. I looked on beaches, on rocks, in the trees and in the sky. But God had a different Friend in mind for me this day, standing on the stone wall in the church garden -His antlers, covered in velvet, his body so strong and smooth. At first my eyes were looking for my blue heron friend, and so I did not see what God put before me. Often in my life I have looked for what my mind wanted to see, and have missed God’s heartfelt gifts laid before me. Today, proud and strong, I stood with the blessed buck and named him Cheveyo. I am sure to meet up with my new Friend again in the garden on one of these misty summer days - but this time, with open eyes of hope and gratitude.

June 4, 2018

I walked today with a deep heart filled and a busy mind filled too. I so needed to become empty of all the thoughts running through my head. As I approached the lake, I asked God to teach me something that might touch my heart. Out from the brush by the lake, my blue heron friend appeared, soon flying high. Moments later, a baby blue heron hesitantly followed. Mama led her baby through swooping, beautiful air maneuvers, crossing the lake, over the bridge and me, landing in high leafy trees before heading back into the sky. For a few moments, the little baby appeared alone and flew with great determination across the sky, only to hesitate when she did not see her mama flying beside her -Somewhat like we hesitate, when we wonder if we are lost and alone. Moments later, mama appeared. And mama brought her back to the spot by the lake where they began together - Much like our story with God. If we hesitate and surrender turning toward Him, He will bring us back to a spot of comfort and lov...

March 21, 2018